Vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles

In addition to my cookbooking passion, I also have a certain passion for reading and collecting cookery and baking magazines. Actually totally unnecessary - I have plenty of books and there is also so much inspiration in the many beautiful food blogs that I visit regularly.
And still - I hardly see a nice magazine in the kiosk, I have to have it> As a result, the pile of magazines pile up in the meantime and I can not get hold of a single copy in such a stack.
The cookbook shelf is bursting at the seams and a few Beef Magazines and Food & Beverage Special editions are also normal Bookshelf no room for all the issues Delicious, eat & drink (for every day), so eats Italy, Saveurs, Sweet Paul, Sweet Dreams, LandGenuss and as they are not all.

freshly baked vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles

There's a great tip for managing and cataloging from Steph: Evernote and Evernote Clearly for hobby cooks and foodblog readers - I'll do that and manage my many recipes. Because honestly - one of the magazines disappears in one of the piles, I do not see them again so fast. Not to mention that I cook something out of it.
I also remember how my mother used to cut out recipes from the Brigitte & Co. and pasted them into journals. But that is contrary to my sense of order. Unsorted, un-categorized, wuah - does not work.
So in the next few days, weeks, months and years, I will start to digitize my collections. Usually, only a few recipes in a magazine appeal to me anyway, so why keep the entire issue?
The latest issue of the Delicious Bakery, however, is only a few days old and is therefore still present and ready to hand in the hall. A few nice ideas are also in there, but for diehard blog readers not necessarily much new. However, on page 45 there is a "caramel apple cheese cake".

Unfortunately, the recipe itself did not appeal to me so much. I do not like a baked caramel flavor (if you can call it that - I mean those baked puddings with a caramel flavor) and the composition of the crumble felt rather strange to me. However, I think the idea is really great and so I developed it further for me.
The result is a vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles. Sorry for the Denglish, but for me classic cheesecake is still quark, while cheesecake is cream cheese. And this is a real punch with plenty of cream cheese.

I indulge in the 7th Cheesecake-heaven - even if it is not a "classic" cheesecake and therefore not episode of my series " In the quest for the perfect cheesecake "will.
But still, the cake is just great - albeit a bit awkward in the preparation, as is baked in three steps. Otherwise, however, made quite fast and uncomplicated, especially since I make all three steps in the same bowl.
Great I find my idea with the apple sprinkles - I'm so free and spoiled coarsely grated apples directly with my sprinkles.Stir in the two eggs individually and whisk everything well. Mix the flour with baking powder and at the same time add the milk to the mixing bowl. Make a strong, but not too long, mix until a smooth and soft dough is formed.
Put the dough in the prepared shape, smooth it out and tap the shape a few times on the work surface, so that the dough is nicely smooth and do not form any air bubbles.
Bake on the middle rack for about 15 minutes.
In the meantime mix well all the ingredients for the cream cheese filling in the same (cleanly scraped) mixing bowl until no more lumps are visible , But you can easily put everything in the bowl at the same time and then stir vigorously. The mixture becomes very thin - but it is not a problem as it gets firm again after baking thanks to the egg and starch.
If the soil is lightly prebaked and slightly browned, pour the cream cheese directly on top and put the mold back in put the oven. Continue baking for about 20 minutes.

Vanilla cheesecake with apple sprinkles

While the filling can easily falter preparing crumbles. Simply butter, brown sugar and flour with your hands to a crumbled crumble dough. Just before the crumbles come on the cake, peel the apples as a whole and grate right up to the core housing on a coarse square grater directly on the crumble. The apples bring a lot of liquid, which makes the crumbles easily disintegrate and mushy. That's why really only shortly before the end and only a few minutes with your hands. Do not stir too much.
If the cheese mass is slightly stiff and browned, remove the mold from the oven and spread carefully with the hands not too large sprinkles on the whole surface.
Now the cake one last time in the Place the oven and bake again for about 20 - 25 minutes until the crumbs are ready baked and lightly browned. Possibly. briefly switch on the oven grill for a few minutes if the dough is not brown enough yet.
Remove the cake from the oven and place the cake on a wire rack. Allow to cool completely in the mold. It takes at least 4 hours, but even better if you put the cake and mold in the fridge overnight. The next day he is perfectly cut firm and can be served directly.