New Year pretzel 2013

After a rather quiet New Year's Eve party at the sixth on the raclette grill, I am due to extravagant celebrations until 5 clock in the morning and the drinking of two sorts of sparkling wine and white wine today - something Let's go tired . Fortunately, I do not have a hangover (except for the loyal stubborn).

Nevertheless, this morning I tortured myself from the soft, warm bed to introduce a new tradition as a good wife ( hüstel ) with the year 2013.
The year 2013 will be a jubilee year: 10 years high school graduation, 10 years anniversary, 10 years in the Rhineland.
To put it a little bit pathetically: in my heart I am and I stay Hessin. After almost 10 years in the Rhineland, I can make friends with the customs and traditions of the area more and more. Because of my birth in Hesse, I will never become a Cologne girl, despite my unwritten city law (despite my father's father from Urkölsch!), But at least I feel like half a Cologne woman. "Rheinische Frohnatur" is doing very well, what I like so much here: the people are easy-going, nice and I just feel good.
That's why there is a new tradition starting today: the New Year's Pretzel!

In Hesse you eat (at least in our family) on New Year and Carnival (= carnival) the good old crepe (= Berliner), New Year's wreaths or pretzels are not typical there (the Frankfurt New Year's blob did not exist in our region).
Quite different here in the Rhineland (about the Rhenish carnival specialty Mutzenmandeln I have already reported): on New Year's morning there are traditional New Year's pastry from yeast dough in Wreath or pretzel shape.
These New Year's pretzels have been in all local bakeries for a few days now.
So last night I prepared a simple yeast dough and left it in the fridge, which I then morning lunch for a fresh New Year pretzel baked> As a basic recipe, I kept to my classic yeast dough, but spiced it up a bit further.

Fresh Yeast Biscuit on New Year's Day: New Year's Pretzel

New Year's Pretzel

For the dough:
500 g wheat flour (type 405 or 550)
1/2 cube fresh yeast (or 1 packet dry yeast)
100 g sugar
1 Tl salt
175-200 ml of lukewarm milk and 100 g of room-warm butter and 1 egg

For baking:
1 egg and 2 tbsp of sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp milk or (coffee) cream
hail sugar at will

First a simple yeast dough is prepared.
Yeast dough is really simple and you do not have to think about it a lot. I prepare all of my yeast dough right away and they are optimally cooked each time at room temperature. You do not need a pre-dough or an approach, the yeast is added directly to the flour. Try it, it works wonderfully!
First, put the flour in a large bowl or the mixing bowl of the food processor.
The fresh yeast is now simply crumbled in the hands and incorporated with the fingertips directly into the flour. Do not be shy, simply mix the yeast with the flour and season.I do both regularly.
If the dough is processed directly, leave it in the mixing bowl and cover it with a slightly moistened kitchen towel. Then you just leave the dough in a warm room, for example in the kitchen or bath without drafts, until it has doubled in volume. Because of the amount of fat in the dough, it takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours For example, if you do not want to bake the dough until the next morning, put it in a closable bowl and close the lid neatly. The dough will not open much. If you do not have a suitable bowl, simply place the jar in a large garbage bag and knot it well.
The dough can now easily ripen overnight in the refrigerator. Between 8 to 12 hours are no problem. Before further processing, remove it from the refrigerator 1 hour before and let it stand at room temperature.

 New Year's Lighter Yeast Pretzel

After being let down, the dough is now lightly floured on a dough large worktop (or, for example, the dining table) given and again briefly but thoroughly kneaded by hand and formed by folding into a smooth ball. To form a pretzel later, you have to roll a long thin strand of at least 1 meter in length out of the dough.
Then place the middle of this dough strand on a baking sheet and form the strands for the two ends Pretzel. The pretzel is covered with some baking paper, then put a dry kitchen towel over it and let the dough again for 1 hour at room temperature until it has increased in volume.
If you do not want the holes in the typical pretzel shape through closing the cake and baking, you can just put some crumpled aluminum foil in between (see picture below).

Trick for Pretzel: Fill the Holes with Aluminum Foil so they do not cake

After the Let the oven preheat to 180 ° C top and bottom heat.
Whisk the egg, the sugar, the salt and the milk or cream a whisk. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed.
Now distribute this egg casting evenly with the brush on the whole pretzel dough.
Sprinkle generously with hail sugar as desired.
Push the tin into the oven on the middle rail and the pretzels around Bake for 30 minutes until the surface is lightly browned.
Let the pretzels cool on the plate for about 15 minutes and then serve directly with lukewarm butter and jam.

Fresh New Year Pretzel Served with Butter and Jam