Brussels sprouts salad with apple, walnuts and pecorino

With the new year, they inevitably come up - the good intentions!
Most people dismiss - good intentions, not with me. It does not really work on me anyway.
Sometimes I find it pretty good, too. You do not have to stop the smash hit, stop taking 10kg, go jogging, and save money all at once , In fact, after 2 weeks, no one really sticks to it anymore. But in terms of cuisine, there are already a few intentions that I would like to implement.
This includes, for example, that I would like to do more waste processing, my dear Wants to use up inventories, wants to do less shopping and therefore wants to throw away less. In addition, I would like to shop even more fresh and seasonal. No strawberries and tomatoes in the winter, there are great other alternatives.

Regionalism continues to be an important issue, but I'm starting to get critical, such as meat. I find near me no reasonable, German and above all tasty beef. The Argentinian can offer me that. Cattle from pure grazing, which have never seen a stable from inside let alone medicated grain food. They have to work their own food by moving through the pampas all day and eating pampas grass. That tastes good!
However, the life cycle assessment is not very intoxicating, because the meat pieces have to be flown 10,000 km across the globe.
The topic is certainly quite controversial and I have not found a final passable solution for me. Let's see what 2013 will do in this regard.
Let's get away from the flesh and go over to vegetarian cooking - 2013 should be a focus in my kitchen.

I also want to continue Try new dishes and ingredients that I have not dared to dare or have had any idea of ​​how to use them.
The following recipe just kills these last two birds.
I really like brussels sprouts and belong with them probably a minority. Although my husband "tolerates" him by his own admission in the food, but would not wish him voluntarily. Roh I have never prepared Brussels sprouts myself and certainly would not have come up with the idea, if I have not lately in English-speaking food blogs have stumbled more and more on brussels sprouts salad . That has sparked my curiosity. I immediately went to my greengrocer and bought brussels sprouts to make my own salad. Combinations with pomegranate seeds or blue cheese are often found in American recipes. Both of these things were too hard for me to begin with. That's why I chose apple, walnut and pecorino romano.
And what can I say - I'm ENJOYED !

Raw Brussels sprouts with vinaigrette make a very delicious one cole slaw reminiscent coleslaw with its own, very fine aroma. In combination with sweet apples, crunchy walnuts and spicy sheep's cheese, the result is just wow .
It hardly starts in 2013, so there is a real highlight with a clear recommendation.
Sure taste also a combination with pears and blue cheese (eg gorgonzola) or roasted hazelnuts instead of walnuts quite outstanding.Dab dry well.
Now plan the cabbage as fine as possible. For this purpose, a simple kitchen slicer or a mandolin is recommended. If you do not have this, carefully cut the cabbage with a sharp knife into as fine strips as possible.
The easiest way to plan the Brussels sprouts is to grab them with two fingers directly on the stem and then carefully pull them over the planer. Caution with fingers and fingernails - do not plan all the way to the shank.
Although it is quite small-scale, planing is quite quick from the hand. I have only a very simple Billighobel myself, but the result can be seen.

 Brussels sprouts are finely sliced ​​on the mandolin

Loosen the sliced ​​cabbage strips with your fingers and place in a large bowl.
Next, prepare a kind of vinaigrette. Simply whisk vinegar and oil (here: balsamico bianco and rapeseed oil) in a small bowl and season with sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper. Pour the mixture over the cabbage and knead well with your hands until all of the Salad sauce is covered.
The salad can be well prepared and chilled up to this point. The longer he can pull through, the better. He should at least go through 30 minutes, he can be covered and in the fridge also rest well overnight.

Continue with the ingredients - the imagination here as I said no limits. I chose crunchy walnut kernels, a sweet red apple and spicy-mild Pecorino romano.

 Pecorino, walnuts and an apple come in the Brussels sprouts salad

Coarsely chop the walnut kernels and place in a frying pan without fat roast over medium heat until lightly fragrant. Allow to cool, then add to the brussel sprouts to 1 tbsp and stir in.
Wash the apple well but do not peel, quarter and cut out the core casing.
Also plan the apple quarters very finely on the planing. 1/2 apple should be enough for very fine slices. Add the apple slices to the brussel sprouts and mix well again.
The salad can now be pulled through for a maximum of half an hour, but then the walnuts lose their bite, so it's best to serve directly.
Spread the salad on flat plates and sprinkle with the prepared pecorino shavings. Sprinkle the remaining walnut kernels over and serve the salad directly.