Asparagus finish: Oven risotto with green asparagus and feta

Wuah, these dates are always so sudden!
Next Monday, the 24th of June is Johannistag and thus the official end of this year's asparagus season.
* screaming *
Reason enough Once again I celebrate a weekend dedicated to the asparagus.
I have another dish that I would definitely like to cook ...
Now I show you here but still fix a really simple, extremely fast and as well as a delicious asparagus dish, which I served my husband on a warm evening after work this week.

That I like to make oven risotto, is no secret anymore. That's why you can find the recipes for oven risotto with wild garlic and spring vegetables (well, today it's just over with spring) and of course for oven risotto with chard and goat cream cheese me now a classic in the fast Feierabendküche and also not so very seasonally bound.
So now the next prank - a Ofenrisotto with asparagus.
A classic risotto with asparagus (and wild garlic) I have already blogged two years ago: wild garlic Risotto with green asparagus and Parmesan.
And now the green asparagus is finding its way back into rice.
I have to admit that this year's season is very one-sided. I ate white asparagus twice with hollandaise and potatoes, but my heart definitely belongs to the green asparagus, as you can easily see, especially this year ...

Fast, vegetarian recipe for risotto from the oven with green asparagus and feta

And you so?
If you want to feast on the asparagus on the weekend, I recommend you the word asparagus into my beautiful little search gaaanz top right in the blog typed - there you will find all the wonderful recipes from the last few years.
In addition to my highlights this year in the form of asparagus pizza with buffalo mozzarella and balsamic cream and asparagus linguine with Parmesan sauce I especially tell you these two dishes from d Last year, just warmly recommend: Flammkuchen with white asparagus, goat cheese, tomatoes and rocket - mega delicious! I have not made it this year, but hopefully it will work again on the weekend! Asparagus salad with goat's cheese and caramelized balsamic onions - what a pleasure - and very suitable for the current temperatures!
And what's up? Everything vegetarian! At least, if you always use vegetable broth for risotto and have no meat side dishes.
My dear man is (s) t for the first time in his mid-thirties for a week vegetarian!
I think that is incredibly supportive and of course there .
I also like to cook vegetarian and would like to do so much more - most of the time the man was missing only the meat.
In the long term, the plan is that we really only eat meat 1-2 times a week, but then what is really good in the form of steaks, great ham or something similar.
Normal cold cuts in the form of sausage and ham, bacon, etc. is extensively deleted, because it is also wonderful without.
I'm honestly not yet quite as consistent as he is and I do not know if I can really do without a salami sandwich or a meat salad.peel and then cut the asparagus spears loosely into 4-5 pieces.
After 15 minutes of baking, remove the casserole dish from the oven, carefully open the aluminum foil (it is very steaming) and stir the asparagus pieces briefly under the rice Cover the dish again and place in the oven for another 15 minutes.
Remove the risotto from the oven after cooking, carefully remove the aluminum foil and immediately stir in the freshly grated cheese and butter. This works best with a wooden spoon directly in the casserole dish. It takes about 1-2 minutes for the cheese and butter to melt and give it a very creamy texture.
Spread the risotto on a bowl or plate, sprinkle with some crumbled feta cheese and add some lemon peel to taste. I thought that was great, my husband did not.
If the vegetable broth is spicy enough, you do not need any more spices because of the salty cheese.